Sunday, July 8, 2018

Differences created by society

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-;lhgf sfsL{_ 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Second Class Life !

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Representation of women in media

Media, the fourth pillar of the country has the core responsibility to provide the clear picture or disseminate the truth to the society and it is widely accepted view that media has the power to transform the society creating awareness and educating the people about the malpractices and superstitious beliefs that’s actually impeding the development of any nation.
However, whether intentional or accidental most of the times, we encounter that media is not fulfilling its core objectives. The portrayals of men and women in the media do not reflect the reality and depths instead exaggerate circumstances and assumptions. The images they portray are sexist and stereotypical. Moreover, media consciously promotes a certain category of gender while avoiding others.
We spend several hours in front of television, read newspapers, magazines and surf Internet. Certainly, media disseminates a huge number of messages about identity, gender roles, lifestyle and influences human thinking tremendously, both positively as well as negatively.
Hence, it is important to take a closer look at the representation of male and female in the media which has set a certain standard for women and men to follow.
The most common image of a women that we see in media is that they are passive, emotional, submissive, incompetent and seductive creatures. Whereas men are supposed to be the breadwinner, aggressive, independent and bold human being.
We encounter these portrayals especially in the daily soap operas where they presume only two kinds of women, one as a goddess of purity and another a vampire. A submissive woman's achievement is valued in terms of her responsibility for running a successful household, setting down in matrimonial bliss, bearing children, making them ‘ideal’ human beings and taking care of vampire mother in law, sister in law and sacrificing all her desires. They are always bound with home appliances, washing, cleaning or cooking for family. But, it’s almost rare to see men in the same job instead they are decked up to explore the outer world while women busy in the domestic sphere.
And how we forget that these stereotypical portrayals have created an invisible pressure or barrier on women to often quitting their career and personal life and become an ideal wife or daughter in law presented to them through the media in their daily lives.
Advertisements on the other hand, promotes aggressive macho man however when it comes to women, they are supposed to have hairless skinny body, flawless skin, beautiful long hair and heavily sexualized. It is often found that women are pressurized to concentrate more on their outer bodies rather developing their skills and enhancing the inner self.
Recently, developed country like New Zealand has had one men’s clothing company launched an advertising campaign for its new jewelry collection. The ads show well-dressed men modeling their bejeweled hands all over a naked woman’s body, some resting their hand on woman’s butt, breasts and even on their vagina. It is a shock that even today women are perceived as a mere object and nothing more. It’s a sad fact that still women sexuality is being advertised for marketing purpose highlighting the orthodox mentality of “sex sale”. This is only one example among ample where women are regarded as just the props to promote the products.
It’s no wrong to say that all these are framed on the foundation of patriarchal mindset and unless and until media, being the most responsible tool doesn’t enact carefully, how will the society move ahead of this stagnant point? The gender equality, gender justice limits to the mere words when women are still considered to be the second class, subservient citizen. Media should start being mainstreaming rather than male streaming as Kamal Bhasin said. Apart from this, public figures should be more conscious of what they are portraying and what effects does it hold in the society. They should be aware that hundred thousands of people watch and follow them. If they start saying no to objectifying their bodies, the scenario will definitely have a drastic change and ultimately it will aid in building a gender just society.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And she surrendered...

She was just 22... A jolly person studing in Bachelor's level with lots of aspirations and suddenly last seven months of her life led to her to the path of heaven...

Please refer this link

Who's the culprit?

There's less doubt that her husband and his family were not only controlling Latasha's life rather they were assaulting her physically, mentally and emotionally. However, the verdict of court is yet to be disclosed.

Nevertheless, I see two faces of our society with this painful death of #Latasha. 

I am still pondering on our society's mental state which am sure is almost 99% of houses go through. 

1. We women are still considered as the #second #sex. Our parents or guardians are more concerned on the wealth of a person rather than the upbringing of the to be son -in - law. The concept women look after the household chores and men work for living still do exist knowingly or unknowingly. Nothing different with Latasha's parents too.
But, they should have been more careful when it was about arranged marriage. It's plaintive to know that they were appeased on people's voice.They were ok when the guy had house in Sundhara and they were again ok when they knew he was living on a rented house. They were ok if he was Major of Nepal Army and they were absolutely ok when he actually was not. 
How pathetic can this be? 
Or is it like they feel like their daughter will not get any better person in future? 

2. She was a bachelors level student, completely dependent on others. Still her parents want her to get married. Shouldn't they have waited till she finds a good job or settle her caree before she gets hitched? If only she was a working independent lady, may be she could have been more confident and vocal. But again, that doesn't mean all educated independent women are vocal...

3. As per Latasha's mother and her girlfriends, she was repeatedly crying out her pain. But as most of our mothers do, she also  tried to console her and tell her to be patient. If only she had taken things seriously, things would have been different now.

We belong to such society where from the day we were born our guardian make us understand that we women have to face a lot of challenges in life and we have to accept it. We have to compromise, we have to be patient and we always should maintain a healthy and happy relation with everyone around. We were never taught to fight, to raise our voice or to leave things behind and walk out. 

We were always Saraswati, Laxmi but we could never mould ourselves into Durga. That is the ground reality and that's how we women are always unhappy beneath. 

4. Men tend to believe they are a superior gender and trust me it's not only their mistake. Our society, our own parents make them feel so. For a simple instance scroll through the jokes in internet, you will find 100s of those which are in anyways dominating women. Sarcasm about women and we all accept it and even laught it out. The advertisements related to household chores always have the women in the screen be it washing, cleaning or babysitting and still we are least bothered and accept it. 
Why we don't see men doing the chores? Why men are enjoying the cooked food, wearing the washed clothes only. They should themselves learn to cook or wash or babysit. So, these simple things since birth make men feel women exist to assist them not to hold hands and walk together. They can't stand women who are far ahead leaving them behind. This is the Reality. Refering to Latasha's mother again, Mr. Bishnu Karki is one of these men who think his wife is his property. Nobody can see, talk or come close to her. He even kept a track of what she is doing and where is she going. The question is what did he learn from school, his parents and our society? He works for the people, for their betterment but Why did his education collapse while mistreating his wife? 
Acc. to annual report of  Supreme Court of Nepal in year 2068/2069, 112 cases of domestic violence in District Court and 6 in Appellate Court are registered and the saddest part is this rate is increasing everyday and to think from the other side, the better part is women are being vocal and coming forward to rescue themselves instead of suppressing their pain.

My heartfelt condolences to the departed soul. The culprit needs to behind the bars as soon as possible. No matter if it's proved to be suicide or it's mere an accident, people responsible for suffocating her should not be set free...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

नारी दिवस

आज पनि सुर्य पुर्व बाटै उदायो

बिहानै उठे, कुच्चो लगाए
बूईंगल देखि दलान पोते
पुजा पाठ सकि 
चिया बसाले
हतारो पर्न आट्यो, दाल चामल निफ्फन्न कसे

उहाँ उठ्नु भयो
पत्रिका पल्टाउँदै, खोई तातो पानी भन्नुभयो
हतार हतार पुर्याइ आए
चिया ले भन्नुभयो

हस् भनि भान्छा कुद्न आटे
एकछिन भनि फेरी रोक्नु भयो
हजुर भनि अल्झिए, नारी दिवस रे, ल तलाईं शुभकामना ।

म हाँसे अनि चिया टक्र्याए 
के नयाँ भयो...
आज पनि सुर्य पुर्वबाटै उदायो ।  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where is the next generation moving towards?

We grow up thinking that our parents will never understand our struggles but the truth is that they invest their time making sure we never understand theirs.
I pity those unemployed youth who think smoking, taking weed or getting drunk is absolutely their choice of living and has nothing to do with others.
If only they CARE or THINK about the hardship of their parents!!! Life is short but that doesn't mean it's ending tomorrow. I wish I could change their state of mind.
-Feeling in my mind after seeing the young group of Boys smoking weed near the galli of my office 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another toxicity of patriarchal culture!

Source Annapurna Post: गाईघाट : सवारी दुर्घटना कम गर्ने प्रयास स्वरुप उदयपुर जिल्लाको कटारी क्षेत्रबाट सञ्चालन हुने ठूला तथा साना सम्पूर्ण सवारी साधनमा चालक  नजिकको सिटमा युवती बस्न नपाउने निर्णय गरिएको छ। - See more at:

We are continuously fighting for Gender equality and to see this kind of rule and regulation coming up is extremely disturbing. I am amazed to know that people still think drivers are supposed to be men only and it's height of illogical to predict company of women distract men!
Awful !